Ensure the comfort of your production teams

with our technical chairs made in France.

Our technical seats

A range of chairs adapted to production units

We know that some activities have specific needs and constraints in terms of freedom of movement, but also in terms of safety and comfort.Navailles produces, at its workshops in France, technical chairs, armchairs and stools adapted to each of these sectors (Industry, Food industry, supermarkets) and working environments (ESD).

Made in France

A factory of craftsmen,
with us machines are at the service
of people, not the other way round !

More well-being, more productivity

We offer ergonomic products that improve the postural comfort and thus the productivity of your teams: saddles, adjustable armrests, adjustable seat heights, braked or soft-tyred castors for hard floors, stool with lumbar support, footrest, polyurethane foam padding, etc. Our technical chairs reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), improve well-being and reduce absenteeism.

Seats designed for special working environments

Our technical seats are designed to adapt to special working conditions. Whether you work in a factory, department store or workshop, theyallow you great freedom of movement in carrying out your daily tasks, with their adapted castors and a swivel system. The vinyl also makes them more resistant to chemicals and sharp objects in case of an accident. Our ergonomic seats are also resistant to repetitive rubbing, so their coating does not disintegrate.

True ergonomic support

For the well-being of your teams, our technical chairs and stools adapt to the morphology of their users. Their ergonomic design allows you to maintain a good posture and reduces the risk of back and muscle pain caused by prolonged sitting.

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