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Well-being in the workplace

It doesn't matter to us whether you sit down on your office chair heavily, gently or impatiently. Our main concern is your well-being at work… and has been for 50 years now.

We know that prolonged sitting can cause musculoskeletal disorders: back pain, neck or muscle pain. Sitting in the right posture is essential for the development of each person and therefore for productivity. Navailles offers a wide range of ergonomic office chairs adapted to the user’s morphology (adjustable height, lumbar support, headrest, etc.) and their movements at work (castors, reclining backrest, etc.). 

Navailles invites itself to your home with its range of office chairs adapted for remote working.

Solutions for everyone

At Navailles, we are convinced that it is not size that counts, but performance. Our offering is open to all structures regardless of their size or activity. Whether you are a freelancer, startup creator or CEO of a multinational, we have an ergonomic solution for you. We take into account your conditions of’use (duration of’daily use, etc.) and the constraints of your workspace to give you the best of our expertise.

Always at your side

We have a team of’experts to help you make your project a reality. They are responsive to all your needs and objectives. Like supercomputers, they analyse your working environment and propose ergonomic solutions that correspond to your constraints and conditions of use.

If you have a project...