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Ergonomic seats to equip your production sites

Made in France

A factory of craftsmen,
with us machines are at the service
of people, not the other way round !

Solutions that adapt to your workstation

The Navailles range of ergonomic chairs, designed for workshops and production sites, can be adapted to all workstations and environments thanks to a wide choice of options and accessories. Lumbar supports, footrests, etc. make daily work easier and more comfortable for your employees. Their height can also be adjusted to suit your work surface. Likewise, specific castors, mechanisms and special coverings offer great freedom of movement, while ensuring the safety of your teams.

Standards-compliant and sustainable seating

Indeed, most of our chairs and armchairs are certified (NF EN 1021 - 1 and NF EN 1021 - 2). The materials used in their manufacture have great resistance to the stresses of industrial and workshop environments, including moisture, heat, chemicals, sparks, sharp tools, dust, uneven floors, etc. Thanks to their robustness and durability, you are making a real investment in time that will reward you with efficiency and productivity.

Holder of the GS Safety Label and certified to DIN 68 877, our Koncept range, specially designed for workshops and industrial production, ensures safe and untroubled use as part of the normal use of your equipment.

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