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Navailles has chosen to set up its manufacturing workshops in Hagetmau in the Landes region. In the heart of the chair and armchair capital, it is a historical expertise that underpins our work and one that we wish to preserve. In particular, local manufacturing enables us to control our production process, the quality of our materials, as well as our finished products. This permanent quality control is a guarantee of the strength and sustainability of our ergonomic chairs.

and committed too!

Navailles manufactures office chairs, as well as medical and technical chairs, and has been operating from its Landes workshops in France since 1966. Even before the current environmental issues appeared, we wanted to favour short circuits and local partnerships. Today, our thinking has matured to move further towards eco-designed products, a recycling logic and a ‘zero paper’ policy. It does not end there. In our desire to defend French expertise, we have encouraged our management to evolve towards participative methods that respect individuals.

Supporting French expertise

Our workshops are defined by both craftsmanship and industrial expertise. Our teams are at your disposal to provide solutions to specific needs and ensure the optimum quality of our products. From design to the assembly then sale of our products, every detail is studied by humans in compliance with French and European standards.

Our machinery is complementary. They facilitate the work of our teams in machining our materials. They allow precise or repetitive operations to be carried out, under the control of our employees, with an optimum level of excellence.

To achieve the final result that is in your hands (or on which you sit), wehave carefully selected our materials, beforehand, thanks to partner suppliers in accordance with our best practice charter: respect for human rights, respect for the environment, the fight against child labour and corruption, etc.

The stages of production

Design office

Whether it is for technical, industrial or ergonomic issues, our integrated design office provides practical and innovative solutions.


Whether it is real or in 3D, the prototypes is a crucial step in verifying the technical feasibility, practicality and ergonomics of our solutions.


It is the basis and DNA of our expertise. Here we manufacture, cut and bend the tubes that will become the structure of our seats.


By hand or using our welding robots, we assemble the frames of our chairs in this workshop to ensure utterly reliable robustness.

Stinging and lining

Here your backrests and seats are hand made by a team of qualified craftsmen to give your chair optimum comfort and resistance.

To ensure the quality of our products

Manufacturing in our own workshops in France allows us to control our production process from start to finish. The quality of our chairs and armchairs is controlled at each stage of the process so as, on the one hand, to verify their compliance with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards and on the other hand, to ensure their resistance over time (particularly for
specific technical or laboratory applications).

Environmental and social challenges

From the outset, we wanted to keep production local to promote employment, but also protect the planet from unnecessary consumption of resources. We prefer to work with the local eco-system by using suppliers who are close to us and who share our social and environmental values.

For several years now, we have been developing an ecological approach to the design of our chairs, armchairs and stools, using less polluting and more easily recyclable materials. Indeed, Navailles is also careful to optimise its waste management: metals, plastics
and wood are recycled thanks to our partner Valdélia. As far as possible, we also limit the use of glues, solvents, oils, etc. which are difficult wastes to recycle.

The same logic means we have implemented a paperless policy. Although it is complicated for a company to completely do without this material, we are working towards this goal with the disappearance of our paper catalogues and the creation of a 3D modeler.

Participative management with respect for people

At Navailles, we know that nothing can be done without the men and women who design, manufacture and sell our professional chairs. That is why we believe in participative management that values the skills and ideas of everyone. From engineer to salesman, including welders and assemblers, everyone is invited to come up with solutions so that we can offer you products and services that are constantly improving.

With a view to encouraging initiatives and promoting the involvement of our employees, we pay particular attention to their mental and physical well-being through the organisation of seminars, team-building events and much more. This spirit of respect and sharing is how we have achieved parity between men and women within our company.

If you have a project...

Un fabricant de fauteuil en quête d'innovation et de perfectionnement

Nos solutions d’assise sont imaginées, conçues et brevetées par les équipes de Navailles. Nous travaillons de concert avec nos partenaires pour fournir des produits adaptés aux besoins et aux usages uniques de nos clients. 

En tant que Fabricant de fauteuil de bureau, nous avons à cœur de satisfaire toutes vos envies et tous vos besoins. Que ce soit pour des chaises de salle de réunion ou des fauteuils de bureau, vous trouverez dans notre gamme de fauteuils de bureau, tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour atteindre vos objectifs.

Nous savons que la plus grande des satisfactions est d’avoir un produit adaptable. Nous concevons donc des sièges, fauteuils et tabourets réglables tant en terme d’assise que de hauteur pour être sûr que tous les utilisateurs trouvent un confort inégalé.  

Pour nos sièges médicaux, nous souhaitons faciliter la vie des patients, mais aussi des soignants. Au travers de nos différents fauteuils médicaux, nous avons à cœur de concevoir des mécanismes de réglages qui permettent une meilleure administration des soins.

Bref, Navailles c’est le fabricant de fauteuil de bureau et fauteuil médicaux qui prennent soin de tous les utilisateurs de ses produits.