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Discover our stainless steel chairs adapted to wet and corrosive working environments

Our food industry chairs

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Navailles first developed the Stainless steel 314 range of seats to meet the standard conditions for the food industry (resistant to fresh water as well as to very high and very low temperatures). Then, we designed the Stainless steel 316L range which has an optimal level of corrosion resistance to satisfy the needs of more demanding environments (fishmonger’s for example).

Siège inox, un nettoyage facile et une hygiène parfaite

As an option, our V-Korr coating can be adapted to the stainless steel 316L range to facilitate surface cleaning by water jet (large quantities of water) and autoclave (steam). For your convenience, we have simplified the mechanisms as far as possible to meet the highest hygiene requirements: with as few retention zones as possible, the cleaning water flows properly and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Always in the spirit of facilitating the work of your teams, our food industry chairs are ergonomic so as to avoid musculoskeletal disorders. Adjustable in height, they can relieve the back and neck. With less pain, your employees are then more effective and productive.

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