Modularity and comfort

of our visitor chairs made in France

Our visitor chairs

Made in France

A factory of craftsmen,
with us machines are at the service
of people, not the other way round !

Furniture with great design and modularity

In terms of look, we have designed our chairs in a residential and cosy spirit to fit easily into the design of your workspaces. It is important to make a good first impression on your customers, prospects, suppliers and future employees. Comfort and design are therefore at the heart of this range. Navailles has designed modular furniture to furnish your relaxation and reception areas intelligently. 

Indeed, as a factor in the good image of your company and employer brand, our visitor chairs enhance the well-being and comfort of your teams. They bring a human dimension with a ‘home-like’ spirit. Just make sure that when you leave in the evening that no one has stayed behind to enjoy your facilities a little longer !

High-performance and comfortable chairs

Today’s workplaces are moving towards more openness and collaboration. Partitions are partly falling down to facilitate exchanges, with the challenge of transforming the layout of your offices while maintaining well-being and comfort for your employees and visitors.

To perfect the decoration and atmosphere of your office, you need the right furniture. The design that stands out is a real plus for the image that your visitors will have of your workspace at first glance.

The excellence and comfort of Maxence models

Without armrests and in all sizes, Maxence is a perfect chair for short waits or breaks for your employees. Its modern design allows it to blend in with any room.

The practicality and flexibility of the Arlette and Strong Auguste chairs

The ‘Arlette’ and ‘Strong Auguste’ chairs with armrests are meeting chairs. Specially designed to guarantee unparalleled seating quality.

Meetings can last for hours these days. In these conditions, it is better not to make mistakes when receiving. When you receive visitors, the challenge is to create confidence.

Whether it is customers, partners or potential future employees, it is important to keep in mind that the environment is the most important thing.

In general, seating comfort is affected by 3 factors:

– The seat: This is the base (no pun intended), the important thing is to have a seat that is sufficiently straight in relation to the backrest for maximum lumbar support.

– The backrest: The important thing is the inclination, the aim is not to cause parallax problems between the spine and the base of the skull. Navailles chairs are designed for perfect ergonomics.

– Armrests: important but not essential, armrests are mainly used in situations where you stay in place for a longer amount of time. The fact that you can rest your arms takes the pressure off your back and neck.

Keep in mind that your visitors do not notice the details, but simply the absence of details. They won’t notice the impeccable quality of our office visitor chairs, but they will notice the discomfort of your working environment.

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