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Treat yourself to office comfort with our ergonomic chairs made in France.

Home office chairs

Made in France

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Challenges of remote

With digital, new ways of working have developed, including remote. Remote presents new challenges in terms of health and safety.

Of course, having a workspace at home has its advantages: no need to shower every day, no need to get dressed (except for video conferencing perhaps) and the possibility of streaming your favourite series in the background. However, this raises other issues: is it really effective to sit on a Formica kitchen chair for long hours?

Ergonomics at home and at work

It is essential to have a suitable chair to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and improve blood circulation, even when working at home. Do you know all the advantages of remote working? ?

Navailles office chairs offer optimal comfort (but not too much either, to avoid impromptu naps during working hours) with polyurethane foam padding that follows your generous curves. Depending on your needs, we can recommend models with adjustable armrests, with or without headrests, or with a reclining backrest.

If you have a project...