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Challenges of remote

With digital, new ways of working have developed, including remote. Remote presents new challenges in terms of health and safety.

Of course, having a workspace at home has its advantages: no need to shower every day, no need to get dressed (except for video conferencing perhaps) and the possibility of streaming your favourite series in the background. However, this raises other issues: is it really effective to sit on a Formica kitchen chair for long hours?

Ergonomics at home and at work

It is essential to have a suitable chair to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and improve blood circulation, even when working at home. Do you know all the advantages of remote working? ?

Navailles office chairs offer optimal comfort (but not too much either, to avoid impromptu naps during working hours) with polyurethane foam padding that follows your generous curves. Depending on your needs, we can recommend models with adjustable armrests, with or without headrests, or with a reclining backrest.

We’ve all said to ourselves, “Great, tomorrow I’m remote working !", but how many of us have also been disappointed when we discovered their office chair. While you used to use it only for invoices and other administrative tasks, your new office chair does not seem to be as suitable as you expected for your remote working day. But then how do you set up remote working when you work from home? Except that it's not easy to find a good office chair suitable for teleworking. Do you know how to choose your ergonomic office chair ? Start by looking at its price, its strengths and its technical characteristics. Do you also know what you want? Do you want a nice office chair or rather a chair for a professional office ? The size of your home should also be taken into account. If you live in a small space, make sure you find an office chair space-saving. If your dedicated teleworking desk takes up too much space in your flat, it will be less easy for you to separate your professional and personal life.
At Navailles, we offer you the best of office chairs for good teleworking from home. Whether you are a freelancer, full-remote or part-time teleworker, don't overlook your teleworking conditions. Make the choice of Made in France for a quality office chair.

The ergonomic office chair is THE item you need to combat your recurring back pain when you are remote working. Before buying a new office chair made in France, you should take into account a few criteria to help guide your thinking. The more adjustable the model, the better for your back in most cases. The aim is to relieve tension on the back and more specifically the spine.
In this category, you can find our entire range exclusively dedicated to office chairs, ergonomic seats, ergonomic office chairs…

Whether it’s a mesh or fabric seat, black or coloured, upholstered or stretched, tall backrest or medium backrest, choose from our selection of models and opt for the best office chair for your posture at work, whatever your profession. Your office chair must be adapted to your morphology.Navailles designs office chairs for this purpose ergonomic adapting to your morphology thanks to their support lumbar. Also, the backs of our armchairs will marry perfectly your back to ensure that you get the best possible natural sitting position. So think about your well-being and order your Made In France office chair.

With its range of ergonomic chairs Made in France, offers you solid and concrete solutions for the design of your workspace at the best price. Fully adapted to your morphology, the ergonomic office chair adjusts to your way of working, both at the office and at home. Adapted and adaptable, the ergonomic office chair is designed to fit your spine thanks to the many possible adjustments to the armrests, backrest tilt, footrest and headrest. The objective of an ideal ergonomic chair? To allow you to work in good conditions while improving your working posture and without deteriorating your health. While allowing you to reduce your back pain, it is by prevention of musculoskeletal disorders that our office chair models come into play.

Do you suffer from constant back pain at the end of each working day? Maybe it’s time to invest in a more body-friendly office chair. Thanks to its numerous ergonomic seating solutions, Navailles is able to offer you innovative and comfortable office chairs that will provide you with comfort, design and quality over time.

Don’t suffer the long hours of sitting in an uncomfortable and painful office chair. In addition to creating musculoskeletal disorders, did you know that an unsuitable office chair also makes you less productive? Fatigue and pain are significant symptoms of poor working posture that can prevent you from completing your tasks. When designing a workspace, the choice of an ergonomic office chair is just as important as the installation of a functional desk. Discover all our ergonomics tips.

Word for word, ergonomic office chair is a seat that optimizes posture in the workplace. Thus, it helps prevent joint pain and especially back problems. This office chair provides a functional and comfortable seat for extended and intensive working sessions. In an active way, the ergonomic office chair facilitates the maintenance of a working posture recommended by doctors and professionals of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

An ergonomic office chair is a seat that optimizes the posture in the workplace. Thus, it allows to prevent mainly to backpain. NAVAILLES ergonomic office chairs have a functionnal and comfortable seat allowing you to work in a variety of good terms during your extended sessions. Thanks to lumbar support NAVAILLES office chairs will also contribute to the good maintenance of your backbone. Choosing a ergonomic office chair means limiting the risk of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders), protecting your back, its backbone and, more generally, protecting your health.

Poor posture during working hours can lead to serious health problems that will follow you throughout your life. Learning to keep your back straight is not an easy thing to do, and that's where an ergonomic chair comes in handy. No longer slouching at your desk, designed to help you keep your back straight all day, this seating solution is a great way to relieve your back by promoting the natural alignment of the spine.

Office work has changed greatly in recent years with the growth of the service sector. As a result, office furniture and working methods are also changing. The development of entrepreneurship has led to a new work dynamic, that of working from home: remote working.In addition, the lockdown may have made many employees compete with remote working. Difficulty in concentrating, uncomfortable office chairs, criteria that can lead to a lack of motivation and consequently a loss of profitability.

Ergonomic office chair: for what purpose?

First of all, ask yourself how long you will use your office chair on average. The longer you sit, the greater your risk of developing symptomatic low back pain later on. The human body is not designed to sit for long periods of time, so if your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, you should choose an elaborate office chair that is specially designed for long periods of sitting to avoid back pain. If the use is less than 7 hours, it is important that the office chair allows permanent contact with the operator’s back in order to provide optimal comfort and to relieve the operator’s lower back when sitting. Of course, the backrest must be adjustable in terms of its inclination in order to have a prolonged sitting position adapted to the user’s morphology: right angle, backward inclination, etc. This is a fairly classic office chair model and is quite common in companies. For daily use of more than 7 hours, considered to be an intensive use, the adapted office chair is different and features a synchronous mechanism. This feature means that the office chair is fully synchronised with the operator’s entire body movement and more specifically with their back. Thus, this type of mechanism provides maximum comfort thanks to optimal ergonomics.

What is an ergonomic office chair made of?

An ergonomic office chairhas a backrest and seat that can be tilted to suit the body’s movements. During intensive use, the made in France office chair office made in France with synchronous mechanism remains the best choice in terms of ergonomics and comfort. The backrest and seat are coordinated and adapt to the user’s body shape and weight. The seat can frequently be supplemented with a headrest or footrest, valuable features that can relieve the back when taking a break. In addition, a reclining backrest will be more comfortable. An ergonomic chair also consists mainly of a lumbar support. This essential feature helps support and release tension in the back and vertebrae. Small, medium or tall backrest? Your choice will be based on your specific morphology. Armrests or no armrests, hard floor or carpeted floor castors? It all depends on your preferences and your working environment, but the most important thing is that its functionality is adjustable.

And yes! Ergonomic furniture adapted to your workspace promotes employee well-being. So your choice of chair is essential, whether you are remote working or in the office. An ergonomic office chair also contributes to good health by reducing back and neck pain. An ergonomic environment conducive to work ensures the well-being of employees, whereas inappropriate furniture can cause absences from work due to illness, health problems and loss of efficiency. For these reasons, NAVAILLES offers a selection of office chairs that will suit your workspaces.

The benefits of ergonomic office furniture for working

Ergonomic furniture promotes the well-being and health of everyone thanks to its innovation and the quality of its components. One of the most obvious benefits is the massive reduction in back and neck pain for some people. It would appear that in France, nearly 15% of office workers suffer from back pain and muscle aches that can lead to more serious pathologies over the years. In addition to causing numerous sick leave absences, the installation of unsuitable furniture is detrimental to the health of employees in their working environment. The need for office chairs that are more suitable for their working conditions is becoming more and more apparent.

What is ergonomics in the workplace?

Ergonomics in the workplace is essential to the smooth running of a company. Indeed, its objective is to maximise the performance of the organisation as well as to ensure optimal comfort, safety and balance for the physical and mental health of the operators. Ergonomics in the workplace begins with a calm and conducive working environment and the right equipment. It is therefore important to have an ergonomic office chair in order to maximise the efficiency and productivity of company staff.

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