Treatment Chairs

Ergonomic chairs made in France to equip and fit out your treatment areas

Made in France

A factory of craftsmen,
with us machines are at the service
of people, not the other way round !

Versatile medical chairs adapted to healthcare use

European leader in medical chairs, Navailles produces quality treatment chairs that are used in the most reputable hospitals in France. They meet the most demanding requirements and specifications for medical support. We offer a wide range of high performance models available to meet all uses, pathologies and services.

Double vision ergonomics

Our ergonomic treatment chairs are designed to be comfortable and easy to use for all its users: patients and nursing staff. Thus, our medical treatment chairs aim both to: 

• improve patient comfort and safety throughout the course of their care: it helps prevent pressure sores and musculoskeletal disorders related to prolonged sitting. 

• facilitate the work of administering treatment for medical staff thanks to easy-to-use settings. 

Our treatment chairs are also equipped with a seat that can be unclipped and removed for easy cleaning and disinfection to ensure the perfect hygiene of your medical chair.

Practical and comfortable innovations at your service

To offer ever more practicality and ergonomics, Navailles has developed innovations available according to your needs: 

• variable height treatment chairs to make the patient feel at ease, while avoiding pain for the caregiver due to poor movement.
• the combined backrest-seat synchronization so that your treatment chair can be adapted to the patient’s morphology.
• sitting and standing assistance (similar to the lift chair) to help the patient stand and sit with minimum action by medical staff.
• electrical assistance (electrical chair) to help people with reduced mobility in their travel. 

It is also possible to customise your medical chair with a wide range of options and accessories that enhance its functionality according to your needs.

Our adjustable care chairs allow a great adaptability in their use by healthcare professionals. Whatever treatments your patients require, you’ll have the equipment you need in all circumstances.

To guarantee the highest quality of seating and comfort, our chairs are designed in France with high quality materials. The body and head are supported by the backrest and adjustable headrest, the arms by armrests ideal for prolonged sitting. A footrest provides a finish and comfort that users appreciate.

Navailles is a European leader in medical and treatment chairs. It is therefore natural that its range of products has expanded over time to meet the needs of healthcare professionals.

Comfortable and optimised room chairs for long waits.

  • Transfer chairs designed for high mobility and safety
  • Electrically assisted wheelchairs to accompany medical personnel
  • Specific chairs for special needs (people of heavy build, orthopaedics, rehabilitation, etc.)

Whether you are in a specialist practice or even in a hospital, you are bound to find the solution that best suits your needs. 

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