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The history of our chairs began in the Landes…

Beginnings in cycling

The story of Navailles began in Mont-de-Marsan in the Landes region in 1958 with an idea that had nothing to do with the technical chair: the manufacture of bicycle frames. Deep in his garage Robert Navailles, a cycling enthusiast, set out to equip the best riders. One thing led to another, and Robert Navailles diversified thanks to his mastery of steel tube bending. He then found himself producing custom-made furniture to meet the needs of a post-war France that was discovering the joys of consumerism.


Emboldened by his skills of working with cycles, Robert Navailles officially founded the Navailles company with his two sons.

The family business specialises in the manufacture of office chairs. The 44 series was the first to leave the workshops. By meeting the needs of a high-end clientele, it paved the way for over 60 years of development.


May 1968 was a revolution for students, but also for women, whobecame emancipated through work.

In the 1970s, companies began to use typewriters, creating new ergonomic needs. Young women were destined to become shorthand typists. Navailles then proposed its CD series specially designed to meet the conditions of use of these new secretaries.


Parisian nights increase notoriety.

We used them to launch our first ‘custom’ projects with the renovation of the Lido to provide, with our P55 lounge chair, a comfortable and modular setting for the spectators of the famous cabaret.


Far from the glamour and craziness of Paris (no other way to put it...),

our design office developed the first medical chair. The FG 01 was a geriatric chair that would be the basis for the development of our entire medical and health range.


The first computers (which were more like a minitel) entered the corporate world.

The first computers (which were more like a minitel) entered the corporate world. We then wanted to offer a range of ergonomic office chairs in response to a new need. To do this, we worked with leading designers and furniture manufacturers. Our luxurious 950 series was born and quickly became a must-have.

At the same time, after several tests and numerous anatomical studies, Navailles brought out the 900 series for the medical sector, which became a benchmark in terms of comfort and ergonomics. The comfort was optimum and our products used in advertisements.


Finally! The Internet appeared and computers became more sophisticated.

With them, the roles within companies changed: executives become managers and secretaries become assistants. We then launched the 360 Varisoft, Varius and Varilight series to adapt our chairs to the new working conditions.


The medical sector and so the hospital environment changed.

We kept pace with the F3450 adjustable height medical chair. It made it easier for medical staff to provide care and improved patient comfort.


Christophe Michaud took up management of Navailles and shook up the routine.

He set the goal of becoming the leader in the world of healthcare furniture. He then focused on developing products that combine technology, ergonomics, comfort and design.


To limit its environmental impact, Navailles adopted a ‘paperless’ approach

and abandoned printed catalogues. At the same time, we worked on the eco-design of our products that use less polluting materials and require less water.


Thanks to the work undertaken by Christophe Michaud,

we have become the European leader in the medical chair market within the space of 3 years.


We are embarked on a genuine digital transformation by developing our first online 3D configurator.

You can easily configure and accessorise your Navailles chair directly on our website. What is more, a simple click enables you to explore the possibilities of our products in your workspace through an augmented reality application!


Arrival of our e-shop

Remote, a current organizational model, has led us to offer individuals and companies an online store with a selection of professional office chairs that guarantee comfort and ergonomics adapted to this new work mode.