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Treat yourself to office comfort with our ergonomic chairs made in France.

Challenges of remote

With digital, new ways of working have developed, including remote. Remote presents new challenges in terms of health and safety.

Of course, having a workspace at home has its advantages: no need to shower every day, no need to get dressed (except for video conferencing perhaps) and the possibility of streaming your favourite series in the background. However, this raises other issues: is it really effective to sit on a Formica kitchen chair for long hours?

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Our chairs in the spotlight

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Ergonomics at home and at work

It is essential to have a suitable chair to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and improve blood circulation, even when working at home. Do you know all the advantages of remote working? ?

Navailles office chairs offer optimal comfort (but not too much either, to avoid impromptu naps during working hours) with polyurethane foam padding that follows your generous curves. Depending on your needs, we can recommend models with adjustable armrests, with or without headrests, or with a reclining backrest.

Save money!

With our ergonomic office chairs, you can maintain the right posture throughout your working day: no more back, shoulder or neck pain. No more excuses to take it easy, because you won't be able to tell your boss or your clients that you're going for your physiotherapy or osteopathy session. You'll also be able to reinvest the money you've saved in a good yoga class app that will help you stay zen in all circumstances.

You have other things to think about!

Like conquering the world, for example. Guidance and simplicity. Whether you are an employee, a freelancer or a start-up that wants to equip its team, Navailles will help you find the right chair for your needs. From ergonomic office chairs to executive chairs, all are easy to use, height adjustable and sometimes depth adjustable.

I am teleworking and I do not have a suitable office, what can I do? I’m remote working But how many have also been disillusioned by the discovery of their office chair. While you used to use it only to fill in your invoices and other administrative tasks, your new office chair doesn't seem to be as suitable as it should be for your teleworking day. But then how do I set up How do you set up teleworking when you work from home?
Except that it is not easy to find a good office chair suitable for teleworking. Do you know how to choose your ergonomic office chair ? Start by looking at its price, its strengths and its technical characteristics. Do you also know what you want? Do you want a nice office chair or rather a chair for a professional office ? The size of your home should also be taken into account. If you live in a small space, make sure you find an office chair space-saving. If your dedicated teleworking desk takes up too much space in your flat, it will be less easy for you to separate your professional and personal life.
At Navailles, we offer you the best of office chairs for good teleworking from home. Whether you are a freelancer, full-remote or part-time teleworker, don't overlook your teleworking conditions. Make the choice of Made in France for a quality office chair.

ergonomic office chair will then allow you to adopt a sitting position comfortable working environment. A comfortable workplace means higher productivity. It is a proven fact that the less energy the human body spends on maintaining a comfortable work environment, the more productive it is. correct seating positionThe better he can concentrate on the tasks he has to perform.