Ergonomics and comfort

at work, the French quality office chair

Our office chairs

Made in France

A factory of craftsmen,
with us machines are at the service
of people, not the other way round !

Office chairs for everyone !

Navailles manufactures its office chairs for professionals by hand, at its workshops in the Landes region of France. With this local production logic, our goal is to offer you impeccable quality. 

Whether you are a business, a coworking space or a telecommuter, we have seating solutions for every work environment. Our high-performance ergonomic office chairs improve your comfort and well-being during your long working hours. No more musculoskeletal disorders and blood circulation problems !

Solutions to end back pain

Our office chairs help you effortlessly maintain a correct ‘S’ posture, where you used to adopt a ‘C’ shape beforehand. The improved lumbar support and adjustable seat height mean that the curvature of the spine is respected: back pain disappears. Our chairs also improve blood circulation to the limbs and organs. Sorry, but you will no longer have the excuse of neck pain or repeated migraines not to work… you will even increase your well-being and productivity ! Free from back pain, you'll be able to enjoy your weekends with family and friends. 

Our ergonomic seats also offer their user freedom of movement, ease of use and safety. Go on, confess… You'll want to go back to work just to enjoy it!

If you have a project...