Fauteuil de Repos médical

Furnish your rest areas with our ergonomic chairs made in France

Made in France

A factory of craftsmen,
with us machines are at the service
of people, not the other way round !

Gamme de fauteuil de repos médical de haute qualité

Navailles produces high-quality patient chairs for use in rest areas in the most reputable hospitals and social medical centres in France and Europe. They apply the most detailed requirements and specifications for medical support. We offer a wide range of medical chairs with a cosy look, in steel or wood, for a more natural and soothing touch.

Collection de fauteuil de repos médical performante et personnalisable

Navailles has developed a wide range of patient and relaxation chairs to meet all needs. In particular, they can be customised with a wide range of options and accessories. Different materials, coverings and colours are available to make your rest areas more human and dynamic for patient well-being. You can even view the result of your customization with our 3D configurator.

If you have a project...